A Noble Endeavor — Part 1: The Log

The past year I embarked on a very special journey, the ‘Nobel-est’ of journeys if you will. A self-defining journey through words, laced in pages that have been immortalized:

I decided to read works by every single Noble Prize winner (in Literature) since the inception of the award in 1901 – or at least, the ones readily available to satiate my bibliomaniac urges. 

Of course, there is a reason for this.

For many years now, I have been stumbling upon diatribes or paeans for the award, for the works, and for the artists. Some claim it as a bureaucratic atrocity which is handed out to satisfy political indulges with little to no regard for ‘actual’ literary zeal while others claim it as one of the sole pillars of human artistry. Of course, I have little to no interest in disproving or exploring the ‘truth’ in these claims, but they partly sparked my interest. Along with my maturing curiosity coupled with my habitual necessities of an avid reader and an aspiring writer- a product of all that I have read, who I have read- not do this?

This collection of writers sit at the top of the human experience – universally, collectively, and eternally- and a part of me wants to dissolve in with them; to absorb, to see, to understand myself and the world I live in – the world as it was, and the world as it is. I’m not doing this to expand my palette (seriously!) but to see how they move me, change me, make me – like any good book ever did.

So I share my journey* about words in words.

* Until, I conclusively finish, there will only be a list-format of everything I’ve read so far, along with a few adjectives and words to describe my experience (and of course digressions!). Eventually, I hope to review most of them.

*When I have read more than one work of the author, I will * the one that I direct my reaction at.

*I’m only going to show the ratings for the ones – that are in my opinion – 5/5. Numbers here serve no purpose. It’s all about the experience, which numbers only scratch the surface of.

*I am still in the process of updating this. Bear with me soul, for time and I will push this affair into completion just yet!

My Winners Log:

Years: 2000 – 2014

Years: 1980-1999

Years: 1960-1979

The rest are coming soon!